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Our Pahadi rooms are like a hug from the mountains. They've been lovingly restored from traditional mountain homes, which are always designed with warmth in mind. These homes are small in size, but big in heart, and often have low ceilings, tiny windows, and balconies to keep the livestock and pets cozy. The walls are made of sturdy stones, plastered with a mix of mud, clay, and straws, making them perfect for snuggling up in during the harsh winters. So come on in, settle in, and get ready for some serious comfort.


  • 3.7m x 2.6m in area (excluding dress area and bathroom)

  • Renovated traditional Pahadi home

  • Low ceiling with small window

  • Attached bathroom providing all basic modern amenities, including HOT WATER*

  • A comfortable queen size bedding

  • Multiple in-the-wall shelves & a rack for your belongings

  • Work Desk

  • Shared Patio & Terrace

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