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discover your happy space.

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Make Your Stay Unforgettable with These Quick Insights. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect. And if you need anything, just give us a holler!

we are

A cozy, eco-friendly, minimalistic lodge with rustic charm and a love for furry friends. 

we are NOT

A fancy resort with round-the-clock service.

pahadi life & pahadis

If it's your first time in a mountain village, prepare to be charmed by the Pahadis, hardworking and warm people. Slow down and enjoy the slower pace of mountain life. Engage with the locals, exchange stories, and embrace an authentic Pahadi Living experience.


Explore our property freely and enjoy the shared spaces such as the lounge, dining area, outdoor fireplace, and patio surrounded by Malta trees. And don't forget to join in on some carroms, badminton or ball games in the lounge or open space.

no smoking in the rooms

No smoking allowed in the rooms, but designated smoking areas are available outside. Please use the provided ashtrays and waste bins. Please follow our no smoking policy to ensure a pleasant stay for all guests. Thank you for your cooperation. Non adherence may lead to a heavy penalty. 

no littering, please

We appreciate your help in keeping our space tidy. Please use the waste bins and let's keep littering to a minimum. Thank you!

room service

Meals are served in the dining hall and snacks and drinks can be ordered in. 


Housekeeping is available on request. 

linen & towels

Fresh linens and towels are provided upon arrival and changed once every 5 days, upon request. Use the designated drying area for your clothes and towels. 

kitchen timings

The kitchen is open from 7 am to 9 pm. Early risers can make a cup of tea with the kettle, tea bags, and sugar in your room. Coffee and milk powder are available upon request.

geysers & room heaters

Please conserve energy by turning off the geysers and room heaters when not in use. The geysers take about 15-20 minutes to heat water, so be patient. Room heaters should not be left on overnight for safety reasons. Wear adequate warm wear. All rooms are naturally ventilated.

toilet & bathroom

In the bathroom, only flush your waste & toilet paper, and use the waste bin for everything else. Bags for disposing of sanitary pads are provided upon request. Let's keep our pipes flowing and only flush what belongs in the toilet. Trust us, a clogged drain ain't a mountain of fun to fix!


We don't have a power backup, but the power is usually reliable. In case of a power outage, we'll have hot water available in buckets, jugs, and flasks. Backup lights are in the dining and common areas and all rooms have portable solar torches.



We're lucky to have running water year-round, except for a few months in summer when we reduce wastage by turning off the tap. During this time (mid Apr-May), we'll provide daily water in jugs and buckets. If weather permits, we may have controlled running water for an hour in the evening. Use the immersion rod and kettles in your room to heat water if necessary.

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