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  • Tungnath (18 kms by road and trek 3 kms)

  • Chandrasila (18 km by road and trek 4 kms)

  • Chopta (18 kms by road)

  • Madmaheshwar(32 kms by road and trek 20 kms)

  • Rudranath (50 kms by road and trek 15 kms)

  • Kedarnath (70 kms by road and 30 km trek)

  • Karthik Swamy (60 kms by road and trek 2 kms)

  • Deoriya Tal (2.5 km trek)

  • Roni Bugiyal (14 km trek)

  • Visudi Tal (35 km trek)



  • Birding

  • Photography

  • Mountain biking

  • Horse-riding

  • Rock-climbing

  • Volunteering (School, farming)

  • Pilgrimage

  • Village living

  • Yoga and Wellness

  • ...and plenty more


At an altitude of 6600 ft and a population of less than 1000, this village thrives mainly on tourism, farming & livestock rearing. Even with smartphones and television, but still fairly untouched by commercialization, the beauty and tranquility of this remote village will help you disconnect from the urban noise and clutter. Sari is a predominantly fertile village. The slopes and plains grow wheat, millets, potatoes, herbs, mustard etc. The carpets of green, dreamy paths and tiny structures like the miniature houses you get in board games transport you to a time and space you've never known before. From the village, at about a few 100 mtrs on the path to Deoria Tal, is an ancient Shiva Temple, made in early Nagara architecture style. The walls of the temple are plain with geometrically placed ridges made in stone. The priest (baba) who lives and runs the temple from there, have incredible stories of perseverance to share with you if you'd love to sit down for a chat and a cup of chai.


Pic courtesy: C R Pushpa 

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​Deoria Tal is situated at an altitude of around 2,300 m. Steeped in mythological association, its crystalline water offers spell bound images of its magnificent surroundings and Chaukhamba peak. There is not much to distract your senses except for captivating scenery and the chirping sounds of birds. People say the real magic of Deoria Tal is to be witnessed during the sunrise. Early mornings are ideal, as the winds would not have picked up speed, giving us the best still waters to serve as mirrors. The lake is surrounded in a soothingly inclined field bounded by a deep wood cover. Set majestically in the lap of the magnificent mountain peaks. One of the best spots to meditate, read a book or play football.


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Pic courtesy: Deepu Ravi 

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Chopta is a 40 min drive up from Sari village and is the starting point for the 4 kms long Chandrashila trek. This is an easy to moderate trek and passes through Tungnath, the highest Shiva Temple in the world. The trek passes through forests and vast meadows, and offers excellent views of snow clad Himalayas. The maximum altitude we gain is around 3950 at the summit of Chandrashila. This region is a protected sanctuary for musk deer and is home to rich varities of flora and fauna, including the elusive and incredibly colourful Monal, the state bird of Uttarakhand. Chandrashila is a very beautiful vantage point to experience Himalayas in a wide spectrum. One can see the entire range in almost a 270 degrees of visibility, with peaks like Chaukhamba, Kedarnath, Nanda devi and Trishul among the most prominent ones.