Why a summer in the mountains is good for your kids.

March 26, 2018

Confused where to take your family on a vacation this summer?

Most of the time, it feels nearly impossible to be able to take a vacation with your family. Then when you finally get yourself precious time to plan it, you are overwhelmed by the choices of destinations available - beaches, specimens of architectures, adventure, culture and just fun .. it can be a difficult choice. Confused? Read on… :)


We recommend taking your family for a vacation in the mountains, to help them experience the nature’s beauty in its rawest form. There are various activities to do while going to the mountains ... hiking, trekking, camping, biking, and rafting are just some of them . Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider vacationing in the mountains with your family!


Let your lungs breathe: As of 24th March 2018, the level of pollution in a city like Delhi was deemed very unhealthy at a level of AQI 263, which is not the case when you visit the mountains. When you vacation in the mountains, your lungs get a chance to breathe fresh oxygen, free of pollution and dust. Studies show that the prevalence of asthma ranges from 4 to 32% for kids from the ages of 6 to 10 years. The fresh air is an antidote for those respiratory problems and easier breathing for asthma. For those of you who have allergies, being up on the mountain top is better than any anti-allergic. 


Great for relationships: Around 77% of the people in India think that the use of technology gets in the way of relationships today, as per a McAfee India study. Spending time in the mountains is a great way to strengthen your family connections. From taking part in adventure activities to taking part in some calming activities, spending time in the mountains is great for family bonding. From being scared of heights, huffing and puffing on a trek, taking truck loads of photographs, taking on the rapids in rafting you can bond with your family and create a lifetime of memories. It is amazing how a trip to the mountains help families open up to their loved ones, while exploring the world together away from the distractions of everyday life.


It’s an experience: Even though the scenery of the mountains provides a great backdrop for a great photograph you can share on your social media, what is truly rewarding is the experience you gain by immersing yourself in the culture of the place. Additionally, the lack of network helps you totally disconnect from the outside world and gain an transformational experience knit with lots of endearing memories. Visit the local school kids when on your visit to Sari with your children and simply watch the magic of friendship shape up right in front of your eyes. They will return home feeling a sense of gratitude and with a wider perception of their world. 


Enjoy peace: Spending time in mountains for you and your family can create inner peace and also help you in your journey of self discovery. As for kids, mountains can help remove stress and help increase concentration. So, if you’ve been aiming for that much needed work/life balance and having strong relationships with friends and family as being a significant part of health and wellness, then you already know you aren’t likely to obtain that from your local hospital. This summer gift your family and yourself that much needed silence and peace of mind. 


Adventure, learning and fun: Adventure stirs up emotions of all kinds, and deepens and tests relationships. The outdoors is a great big playground. And you’d be surprised just how easier your kids are in the mountains. While the school is a great place to learn, there is nothing that compares how brilliantly educative mountains can be for your children and you. History, geography, science, maths, art and languages never feel like a drag when they’re taught and studied as part of a journey. Teach them how to lead a trek, help them learn to navigate their way out of lost trails, drive in them a sense of adventure, watch them learn how to deal with setbacks. An adventure filled trip to the mountains will help you discover that you and your family can deal with way more than you think and that’s great for everyone’s confidence. You can choose from rafting, hiking, biking, farming, volunteering at the local school, star-gazing and plenty more.


Planning a trip this summer. Visit Cafe Buransh for a memorable summer vacation in the mountains.



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