Bursting common myths about Yoga and Meditation

March 7, 2018


Some of the common misconceptions about yoga and meditation never stops to surprise us. Here are what we get asked constantly.


1. Isn't yoga boring?

2. Yoga is for skinny and flexible people. I am not strong, balanced or young enough for this.

3. Do I have to give up meat and alcohol? 

4. My religion does not support it.

5. Yoga and meditation are only for women. It isn't manly enough.


If these are the reasons you've stayed away from exploring Yoga and meditation, you've come to the right place. 


No matter what kind of a person you are, you can always find a form of yoga that suits you the best. And no! You definitely don't have to be of a certain age, gender or body type to get started. 


Giving up meat and alcohol are purely personal choices like your career and marriage. It isn't mandatory to give them up. Although, you would be far better off without them. 


And, for those who think this is boring...Yoga is like taking your own personal mini vacation. 


Do you know the greatest tool you possess is your body? Yoga and meditation simply helps you learn how to use them better. It is also the easiest and least harmless way to age gracefully. 


So, if you need help with handling common human issues like anxiety, general stress, eating disorders, anger control problems, insecurity etc... Come join us at Cafe Buransh amidst the beautiful Himalayan mountains for a week long complete detox and wellness program with me, Surya Dinkar. The program aptly named called 'Relax, Reflect, Reboot', is a week long complete mountain wellness retreat. 


Allow us to show you just how much fun, loving and taking care of yourself can be. 


And why in the mountains? Cause quite literally we cannot find a terrain better than mountains that allow you to connect best with yourself and nature. 



Join us and an exclusive group of like minded people with whom you can open up without worrying about the consequences, make new friends for life, engage with the local mountain community, and have quite possibly the best week of your life! "



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