With 4 double-bed rooms, a dining hall and a lounge, Cafe Buransh is 'Your Home in the Mountains.' Our respect for the mountains and passion for uncluttered living is reflected in the minimalistic, and functional design of our rooms and common spaces. Our 2 Suites and 2 Pahadi rooms have walls made of stones plastered with a mix of mud, clay and straws as binding materials. Our kitchen whips up simple yet flavourful Pahadi meals and delicious comfort food for all palates. If you are craving something that is not on the menu, we'll be happy to make it for you, as long as the ingredients are available locally. 
Our living spaces are aesthetically designed for a cozy Pahadi Living experience. The size and the walls of these homes help you stay warm even in the harshest of winters. 12% GST extra on the listed price.
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Suite    5000

Pahadi 4000

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Suite   4500

Pahadi 3500



Suite    5500

Pahadi 4500


Our meals are made from scratch using fresh ingredients sourced from near & far - from Sari to Kerala. We prepare simple and flavourful meals to please both your palate and your body. For our full menu, please click here


Try our Pahadi options if you'd love to explore local tastes. Most Pahadi veggies we use, are plucked fresh from our garden or sourced from our/neighbouring villages. If you are craving comfort food, we're happy to pamper you with our appetizers, homemade ice-creams, beverages or our favourite biriyani. We serve veg, eggs & chicken. Kindly note some items on the menu may need to be pre-ordered. 


  • Dining hall

  • Lounge

  • Books

  • Board games

  • Room Heaters*

  • Hot Water**

  • Laundry

  • Yoga & meditaion spaces

  • Common outdoor sitting areas & fireplace

  • Bonfires***

  • Travel Guidance & local transit assistance


*Room heaters, if not used correctly could be life threatening. For dos and don'ts of room heater usage, please click here

**Running Hot Water is subject to the availability of water from our natural sources. We are blessed with running water through the year, except the summers. When water runs scarce during the hot months here (from mid-Apr till mid Jun normally), we turn off running water to do our bit to reduce wastage. During this period, we provide water in jugs and buckets every day, well enough for your basic needs. If the weather is favourable, we will be able to offer controlled running water, usually for an hour in the evening. When no running water, you can use the immersion rod provided in all guest rooms to heat water up. If you need any help doing this, we're happy to help. :) 

***Bonfire is subject to government regulations and weather conditions.

Laundry & bonfire may incur additional charges. Simply talk to us to find out how it applies to you.






A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the cost to be made as prepayment. The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date. The deposit is eligible for a 30% refund if cancelled within 30 and 21 days before the arrival date. Cancellations within  21 days  of arrival are non refundable.