At Cafe Buransh, we'd like you to eat local. And, when you do, we recommend you eat with your hands to feed your soul. What we love most about the Pahadi cuisine, and would love for you to savour is the simplicity of the food — simple, yet undeniably delicious. Along with local desi food, our restaurant also serves a limited assortment of mouth-watering mains, snacks and beverages, usually made to order. 

Your Complimentary meals include:

  • Wake up TEA/COFFEE (Milk/Black)

  • BREAKFAST Choice of 

- Parathas (plain or with a filling of potatoes)

- Upma

- Poori & curry (Potatoes/Lentils)

Breakfast is served between 7am and 10 am. 

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Sari, Uttarakhand
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