To ensure you have a safe and pleasant stay with us, we have devised some simple guidelines. Please take a moment to understand them. Any questions or concerns, simply talk to us. :) 
WE ARE:  A boutique, eco friendly, minimalistic, rustic, pet friendly mountain lodge.
WE ARE NOT:  A luxury resort or hotel with a butler/concierge service.


You are free to use the whole property without disturbing the others. Our common spaces include a lounge, dining area, an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor patio beside our Malta trees. We also have an open space for badminton and ball games.


Although our rooms are a strict No-Smoking zone, you may do so at designated spots outside them. Please use the ashtrays and the garbage bins provided.


We have a decent number of waste bins here. Let's use them well.


All main meals are served only in the dining hall or the outdoor patio (subject to weather). Snacks and beverages can be ordered in.


On request basis only. Simply let us know when you would like your room cleaned and we'll do that for you at the earliest.


We provide fresh linens and towels on arrival, and change them once in 3 days, on request. You can dry your clothes/towels in the dedicated area towards the back of our property. Please do not throw towels and linen on the floor.


The kitchen is open from 7 am to 9 pm most of the year. Breakfast is served between 7 and 9 in the morning. During harsh winters and extreme weather, we may need to close earlier. For your early morning cuppa, please use the kettle, tea bags and sugar in your room. Coffee and milk powders are available on request.


Please switch them off when not in use. Geysers take about 15 to 20 minutes to heat the water, so be patient. For health and safety reasons, room heaters should not be left running overnight. Heat your room for a couple of hours before your bedtime, and switch the heater off when you are ready to sleep. Wear adequate warmwear. All rooms are naturally ventilated.


Kindly do not flush anything other than your pee and poo. Use the wastebins for everything else. A clogged drain could take weeks to fix here in the mountains. Envelopes to dispose of your sanitary pads are provided on request.


While we do not have a power back up, the power has been reasonably reliable, even during the harshest of winters. In case of a power outage, we heat water on the stove and will provide enough for use in buckets, water jugs and flasks. There are back up lights in our dining and common area. Each room is also provided with portable solar torches.


Running water is available most of the year, except for a month or 2 in the summers, normally late Apr to mid-June. During this time, we depend on water fetched on mules, from a source about a km down. We also have a small scale rainwater harvesting unit on the property. We try our best to accommodate all your water needs to the best of resources available for us to use.


If this is your first time in a mountain village, you may notice a few striking differences in the lives and people here. The Pahadis are self-respecting and hardworking people who will surprise you with their warmth. Treat them as equals. They are NOT our servants.

Time slows down for a bit here in the mountains, and it is best experienced by slowing down your mind to savour the quiet moments you will experience here. Be conscious, engaged, and present when out on a trek. Meet and greet our local friends. Exchange stories. All in all, we would love for you to have an authentic Pahadi Living experience. See you soon in the mountains.