What is the best time to visit the mountains?

We love the mountains, so anytime is ideal to explore them if you ask us. But if we have to pick, we'd opt equally for the summers (Apr-Jun) as well as the winters (Oct - Feb). Temperatures here in Sari village range from 15° to 40° (feels like 30°, thanks to the altitude) in the summers, and from -3° to 15° in the winters. Pick summers if you love the outdoors, sunny days with soothingly cool nights and the sight of mountains covered with flaming red rhododendrons. This season is a fantastic balance of views and pleasant weather. High altitude winters offer the best views of the year and the alluring magic of snowfall (Dec-Mar). We've seen it for 3 years and still find the sunrise at Deoria Tal and the golden sunsets at Tungnath breathtaking. There can not be a better time to cuddle up with a mug of hot chocolate and gaze at the stars. If you are a fan of the rains, drop in from July to Sep for the lushest green and hovering mists that you can imagine.

Is this my kind of place?

Cafe Buransh is an ideal hang-out for anyone who loves walking, photography, sports or just reconnecting with nature. If you are the quiet and relaxing kind, you can stretch & meditate at the nearby Shiva Temple, or spend your time at our lounge with your favourite book or board-game, listening to music, while we pamper you with delicious bites and beverages. If you love the outdoors, you will fall in love with our village, Deoria Tal, Chopta, Tungnath & Chandrashila. For a full list of trekking destinations and activities, click here.

How do I reach Cafe Buransh?

We are at a pedestrian-only zone, accessible after a 500 mts walk up from the main road in Sari village, enroute Deoria Tal. Sari village is about 200 kms up from the nearest railhead (Haridwar) and airport (Dehradun). For further details, please click here

Will I be able to walk the 500 mts path up to your property?

We are an easy-to-moderate climb and have hosted toddlers to elderly guests. The trick is to walk slow, with evenly paced steps. This is the perfect warm-up for your trek to Deoria Tal. If sensitive knees are a concern, we recommend seeking medical advice before you begin planning your trip. You can also hire a mule if you are not a fan of walking.

Where can I park my car? Is it safe?

All vehicles are parked along the main road in our village. We park our car there too and have not had any issues to date.

Do you have room heaters/hot water?

We do. We care about your comfort. Room heaters and geysers are provided in all guest rooms. To learn how we manage during a power outage and when no running water in the summers, please read the 'POWER' and 'WATER' sections on our Rules & Guidelines page. 

Will it snow when I'm there?

Chopta (45 mins drive from our village) receives heavy snowfall during Dec-Mar, and the snow carpet lasts till mid-April to mid-May. We were also lucky to experience occasional snowfall at Cafe Buransh during the same period, for all the 3 years we've been here. Mountain weather is the most unpredictable so it is always a good idea to come prepared for surprises. Like everywhere else, snowfall and rain patterns have also shifted here in the mountains, as the climate has warmed.

Where can my driver stay?

Currently, we do not have accommodation facility for drivers. But worry not, they normally make their own arrangements. 

Can you give me discounts, please?

We always offer you the best rates possible the first time itself. There are no mind games involved:) Currently, our discounts only apply to our former guests and travel partners. We understand if you are on a budget and will be happy to recommend a few lodges that fit your pocket.

Why don't you serve Coke and chips?

At Cafe Buransh, we recommend you eat local for a wholesome Mountain Living experience. We like junk food too, just that we prefer them freshly made. If you would love to indulge your comfort food cravings, you can try from our selection of starters, soups, cold beverages or homemade icecream.

How can I volunteer at the local school?

Simply talk to us and we can help you connect with the local school.

Our Hospitality Philosophy.

We are a team of mountain lovers and dedicated local contributors with a passion for the outdoors and uncluttered living. Cafe Buransh happened to us as a solve for the mysterious work-life balance that we all craved while pursuing corporate ambitions. It started as a hobby but what has kept us going, apart from the magic of the mountains, is the warmth and the hospitality of the Pahadi - indigenous mountain people. :) Pahadi hospitality is second to none, and one has to experience it to understand it fully. We strive to help bring the same Pahadi hospitality and experience at Cafe Buransh. Your comfort is our top priority and our staff will assist you wholeheartedly to settle in and experience Mountain Living. Fair warning,  if you come expecting a place with lobby, lifts and corporate styled service, you may be disappointed. We have lots of walking trails and winding pathways that will beat any treadmill or StairMaster, and a fresh mountain water lake with a view to die for.