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Welcome to Cafe Buransh, your home away from home in the charming village of Sari. Our cozy cafe is the perfect starting point for adventures like hiking Deoria Tal, trekking Chandrashila & Panch Kedars, and even visiting Kedarnath and Badrinath (if you have extra time). After a 15-minute hike from Sari, you'll find us nestled in the mountains. With a population under 1000 and an altitude of 6600 ft, Sari remains unspoiled by commercialization.


At Cafe Buransh, there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer peace and quiet or a lively atmosphere, you can relax at our lounge with a good book, play a board game, or listen to music. We also have a nearby Shiva Temple for meditation and stretching. If you love nature, walking, photography, or sports, you'll feel right at home here. Let us treat you to delicious bites and beverages while you recharge.


Come enjoy a mountain getaway in one of our four cozy living spaces. Choose from two charming Pahadi rooms or two elegant suites with a mix of traditional and modern design. And don't forget to treat your taste buds at our cafe with a scrumptious limited menu!



Discover the beauty of the Himalayas on a scenic 6-hour drive from Dehradun airport to Cafe Buransh, where breathtaking views of the Ganga, Alaknanda, and Mandakini rivers await. Come stay with us for the perfect mountain escape!


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Enjoy a seamless airport-to-airport mountain experience with our curated trips, starting from 3 nights. Explore treks, cultural immersion, and stunning scenery with the support of our team, providing you with the perfect blend of attention and service for a truly wholesome mountain adventure.

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