We are a team of mountain lovers with a passion for the outdoors and uncluttered living. Cafe Buransh happened to us in an attempt to find the mysterious work-life balance that we all craved while pursuing corporate ambitions. It started as a hobby but what has kept us going, apart from the magic of the mountains, is the warmth and the hospitality of the Pahadi - indigenous mountain people. Pahadi hospitality is second to none, and one has to experience it to understand it fully. We strive to help bring the same Pahadi hospitality and experience at Cafe Buransh.

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Bhuli's Band! _Plenty of running around

Navigating the mountains is a learning experience. It helps us introspect, re-evaluate our relationships (with nature, people, things & concepts), heighten our senses, aid our personal & intellectual growth, all of which leads to simple living and a strong sense of community. We believe travelling should not only be about what we gain, but also involve giving back to the world, no matter how small we feel our contribution is. 

We are advocates and practitioners of responsible tourism and strive to get better at it every day. Our vision includes supporting and developing local economy & community, empowering the locals, and preserving artistic traditions among others. So far, we've been able to help enable local employment for the pahadi people and hope to progressively increase this in the coming years. We are also partnering with our local school to improve their current programs. We run volunteer programs to fund and support the local school. 

All in all, we would love for our guests to have a unique, authentic Mountain Living experience. 

We also do our best to avoid plastics, food waste and pollution and promote usage of locally grown produce and traditional recipes in our kitchen. We are also conscious of our carbon foot print and this reflects strongly in the way our property is built, run and maintained. 

We'd love for you to arrive a traveler and leave as family. At Cafe Buransh, we treat everyone as equals, our pets included.